February 12, 2022

Dear SNE SWANA Members:

Welcome to 2022!  In the last newsletter I asked the question “where did the time go?”  I might as well ask that again.  Typically, the December-February period is the solid waste industry’s slow time where we can take a breather, plan the upcoming year, and refresh for another period of hectic activity.  Seems those days are behind us; we keep pushing the limits all twelve months.  Can you all believe that we are half-way through winter, with spring right around the corner.  Now some of you may be overjoyed with that prospect, but as an older landfill guy I know this period brings the mud and all the operational headaches with it.  I would be remiss if I did not mention that SWANA has many training resources for our members to help them plan how to effectively manage the operational transition that we experience in the northeast (from frozen to mud to dust) at your facilities.  If interested, please check out the SWANA website or reach out to a Board member for more information. 


There is a lot of activity coming up over the next few months.  Be sure to check out the upcoming events section for more information on pending meetings and training opportunities.  I also wanted to take the time to thank our contributing members to this newsletter.  You will see we have guest sections in this newsletter sharing valuable information.  If anyone is interested in sharing their services or information with our members, please reach out and we will see what we can do to assist.


Lastly, scholarship season is coming up.  Last year our chapter was the sponsor of one the scholarship winners from SWANA National.  We look forward to this year’s applicants and hopefully another National winner.  Be on the lookout for emails and reminders to apply.  As a parent I know that our kids can sure use the extra funds to pay for college.

Thank you.


Brian N. Card, P.E.


2022 Scholarships

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 Scholarship program is now open and accepting applications.  You may recall that our Chapter had a National SWANA scholarship winner last year and we are hoping we can be nominate another recipient to win that award.Both Abby and Amanda are well deserving recipients of 2021 SNE SWANA Chapter scholarship awards.  

Application information is below.  Please review and start working on your applications.  Deadline is May 2, 2022.  All winners will be notified and invited to our annual golf outing in July to accept their award.  Good luck to all.


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