November 10, 2021

Dear SNE SWANA Members:

Talent matters….with the labor market tightening from drivers, to sorters, to equipment operators, to office personnel, to senior people, and to all those in between, it is important to hire quality people that fit within the organization culture.  The pandemic has shown that having the right folks is a game changer when it comes to getting the job done in an environment of screen calls and less interaction.  Here are five key points to consider when hiring.  1) You get what you pay for – while it is important to protect the bottom line, think of how much it costs you for constant turnover.  Better pay equals better employees. 2) Emotional maturity – while everyone has a bad day every now and then, those who can manage their emotions and not have it affect the work environment make it easier on those around them.  3) Clear communicators – know the difference between assertive and aggressive communicators, with the latter leading to toxic work environments.  4) Integrity – is the person you’re looking at loyal to the job?  Have they jumped around a lot?  Finally, 5) Coachable – is the person open and flexible to new ideas?  Have they invested in themselves over the past few years to continue to improve?   With the ever-changing technological world around us, a great employee is aware that they need to evolve to be a high contributor.  

Finally, the Board continues to look for volunteers to enhance our committee structure.  We want our members to join to provide your valuable input.  Committees will be Membership, Programming, Scholarship, and Advocacy/Legislative.  More information will follow on each committee.  If you are interested in joining please reach out to any Board member.

Thank you.


Brian N. Card, P.E.


2021 Scholarships

We are pleased to announce that Abby Card and Amanda Siciliano have been awarded SNE Chapter scholarships this year in the amount of $3,000 each.  In addition, Abby Card was the 2021 Recipient of the Grant H. Flint Scholarship and awarded $5,000.  This is a first for our Chapter, congratulations to both. 

Abby will be attending the University of Connecticut this fall seeking a Nursing Degree. In high school, Abby was active in the National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Volleyball and Lacrosse teams, and volunteered at the Day Kimball Hospital, Red Cross blood drives, Salvation Army bell ringing, and the Relay-for-Life run. Abby’s essay discussed the responsibility we have as humans to be mindful of the amount of waste we produce, the importance of recycling and composting, how greenhouse gases affect climate change, as well as the role producers and manufacturers have on the product cycle and how the solid waste industry manages waste materials.

Amanda is in the process of obtaining a graduate degree at the University of Maryland in Materials Science and Engineering. Amanda obtained a Civil Engineering degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2020. While there, Amanda attended SWANApalooza (Boston) in 2019, which had an impact on her career and scholastic goals. Amanda has completed research on the use of plastics in concrete and is currently examining the chemical and mechanical recycling of polymeric materials and the synthesis of a polyelectrolyte membrane for coal ash lithium extraction.

Both Abby and Amanda are well deserving recipients of 2021 SNE SWANA Chapter scholarship awards

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The Southern New England Chapter’s goal is to improve the practice of environmentally and economically sound integrated solid waste management in New England.

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