June 10, 2021

Dear SNE SWANA Members:

Where has the year gone.  It seems as we come out of the Pandemic that the clock is starting to tick a little bit faster as we all get back to normal.  The one positive that came out of COVID-19 issue was the slowing down a bit of our hectic lives and learning to appreciate what we have around us.  Working from home, like a lot of us did, allowed more family time., more reflection time, and more time to appreciate the little things.  Lets not forget those items as we get back to what we believe to be "normal". 

For those in our industry that persevered throughout the last 18 months, working day in and day out, lets make sure we provide them the praise and gratitude they deserve.  Each one of those workers served a vital need to our communities and hopefully gained a better appreciation of the valuable service we provide.  Thank you!

Finally, the Board continues to look for volunteers to enhance our committee structure.  We want our members to join to provide your valuable input.  Committees will be Membership, Programming, Scholarship, and Advocacy/Legislative.  More information will follow on each committee.  If you are interested in joining please reach out to any Board member.

Thank you.


Brian N. Card, P.E.


2021 Scholarships

The 2021 SWANA scholarship program, provided by SWANA and the Southern New England (SNE) SWANA Chapter, has closed for this year.  The Scholarship Committee is busily evaluating the applications and hopes to announce the winners shortly.  Please mark your calendar for next years program.

If you have any questions please contact SNE SWANA Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Ron St. Michel, at rstmichel@sanbornhead.com or at 978.577.1014.

Safety Matters

For the latest Guidance on the COVID-19 issue please visit the SWANA website


Regulatory Updates

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The Southern New England Chapter’s goal is to improve the practice of environmentally and economically sound integrated solid waste management in New England.

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